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Stage review: ‘Sive’ sparkles as PICT returns to Keane’s Irish rogues – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

by CHRISTOPHER RAWSON Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In one sense, “Sive” is just a quasi-melodramatic Irish tragedy, like a rural “Romeo and Juliet.” But hearing its unexpected passages of dark, poetic passion, you’ll find it’s much more. John B. Keane (1928-2002) is one of the master Irish playwrights, which means he’s a master of a high sort…. Read more »

Stage Review of ‘Sive’ – Pittsburgh in the Round

by CAYLEIGH BONIGER | Pittsburgh in the Round The cut-away of an Irish cottage that serves as a set for PICT’s production of John B. Keane’s Sive (pronounced sigh-ve), looks a quaint place, if sparse and threadbare, but it will house a destructive tableau of hungry, grasping poverty.  What befalls because of it prompts Nanna… Read more »

Stage Preview: Journey into the Irish countryside with ‘Sive’ at the Union Project – Tribune-Review

by SALLY QUINN | Tribune-Review Pict Classic Theatre ends its season with a John B. Keane Pittsburgh premiere. The Pict audience was first introduced to the Irish playwright two years ago to popular acclaim with “Sharon’s Grave.” Though not well known here, Keane has been one of the most acclaimed playwrights in his homeland since… Read more »

Stage Review: ‘The Lion in Winter’ – Pittsburgh in the Round

by ISAAC CROW | Pittsburgh in the Round It’s well into the holiday season and there’s a chance you’ve either had or will have a tense family dinner. No matter your family situation, you’re probably not going have as tense a Christmas as King Henry II and his family. In James Goldman’s The Lion in… Read more »