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PICT Announces Alan Stanford as Interim Artistic Director

Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre (PICT) is pleased to welcome Alan Stanford as its new Interim Artistic Director.  Mr. Stanford is a founder and the past Artistic Director of Second Age Theatre Company in Dublin. He has extensive theatrical experience at the renowned Gate Theatre in Dublin, where he has directed several dozen plays, including Lady… Read more »

Local stages showcase talented pool of Pittsburgh actors

By Sharon Eberson and Christopher Rawson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A year that saw a three-way tie for Post-Gazette Performer of the Year (see cover story) was rich in further achievements by performers, directors, designers and others. Some of this was chronicled in our list of top 2012 stage productions (published Dec. 20), a list that… Read more »

Pittsburgh’s performers of the year 2012

By Sharon Eberson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Here’s a first for the 29th annual naming of the Post-Gazette Performer of the Year — a trio. The Post-Gazette has honored a performer in a Pittsburgh production (or productions) each theater season since 1984, never naming the same actor twice, and once honoring two at a time (Simon… Read more »

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Memorable Moments in 2012

Good theater can be simultaneously ephemeral and eternal. Fail to see a show before it closes, and you’ve missed that production forever. On the other hand, some shows live on in memory long after the costumes have been packed away and the sets consigned to the warehouse or the dumpster. A list of the year’s best is… Read more »

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Best Play of the Year

By Sharon Eberson and Christopher Rawson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Looking back, 2012 isn’t as remarkable for individual, soaring achievements as for its high plateaus — solid exciting work from many theaters. This makes picking the year’s top 10 difficult because our list of the best theater evenings could go on past the 20 honored below;… Read more »

City Paper: Pittsburgh Irish & Classical’s The School for Lies

Pittsburgh Irish & Classical’s The School for Lies Playwright David Ives is funnier than you and I combined, but the experiment sometimes drags. by Robert Isenberg Photo courtesy of Michelle BelanMartin Giles, Ben Blazer, Nike Doukas and James FitzGerald in PICT’s The School for Lies THE SCHOOL FOR LIES continues through Dec. 15.Charity Randall Theatre Stephen Foster Memorial… Read more »

Post-Gazette: ‘The School for Lies’ full of class and wit

December 4, 2012 12:11 am By Christopher Rawson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   Sometimes you come home from a play wishing you could curl up with the script. It happens with a movie, too, as when you want to go back to the novel it adapted. But with “The School for Lies,” the sumptuous, smart, physically playful and… Read more »

Tribune Review: Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre’s ‘School for Lies’ is witty break from holiday sentiment

By Alice T. Carter Published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 8:53 p.m. Updated: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 REVIEW For those already experiencing sensory overload from seasonal celebrations, amusements and sales promotions, Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre offers an alternate diversion. There’s nary a hint of holly nor a bough of tinsel-bedecked pine to be found anywhere at “The School for Lies,”… Read more »

Tribune Review: ‘School for Lies’ delights in clever repartee, twists and turns

By Alice T. Carter Published: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 8:51 p.m. Updated: Monday, December 3, 2012 Cuddled together in a booth at the Double Wide Grill, actors Nike Doukas and Leo Marks are the picture of a contented couple. When they converse, their eyes lock onto each other. They finish each other’s sentences. Responses to interview questions overlap… Read more »

Post-Gazette: PICT’s ‘The School for Lies’ puts a contemporary twist on Moliere

Preview: Parisians behaving badly November 29, 2012 9:21 am   By Sharon Eberson / Pittsburgh Public Theatre Costume designer Joan Markert introduces the whimsical edginess of an Alexander McQueen runway show to the 17th-century Parisians behaving badly in Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre’s “The School for Lies.” ‘The School for Lies’ Where: Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre at… Read more »