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Review: Darker ‘Oliver Twist’ maintains hope

By Alice T. Carter, Trib Total Media There’s not a snowflake or a glowing Christmas tree to be found in Pict Classic Theatre’s holiday production. Do not go in anticipation of the colorful, sugar-coated Lionel Bart musical “Oliver!” This staging of Charles Dickens’ 1837 novel “Oliver Twist” is the darker, more dramatic adaptation Alan Stanford, Pict’s… Read more »

Stage review: PICT Classic Theatre presents a gritty version of Charles Dickens’ classic

By Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes – whatever their genres, the great authors were always great storytellers. Victorian novelist Charles Dickens (1812-70) belongs in that elite company, and although he wrote little for theater, he had a very high dramatic sense and there have always been those to adapt his wonderful stories… Read more »

‘Match’ that lit Irish rebellion of 1916 remembered

By Len Barcousky / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette When Padraig Pearse spoke at the graveside of an elderly Irish nationalist 100 years ago, his brief speech was compared to a match that lit the straw of rebellion. “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace,” Pearse told his listeners at Dublin’s Glasnevin Cemetery on Aug. 1, 1915, at… Read more »

Keeping Up with the Conlee’s

by Pittsburgh Stage Magazine   I’ve seen quite a few Irish plays in my time that have been set inside little cottages or one room inside an old house. The walls look the same, as do the doors and decor, there’s usually an implied ceiling. That’s not a criticism on any scene design or on… Read more »

“Sharon’s Grave” at PICT Classic

Director Aoife Spillane-Hinks nurtures Keane’s rich language and Celtic mythos with harshness as well as tenderness By Stuart Sheppard, City Paper It is fashionable to compare John B. Keane’s Sharon’s Grave (1960) and the work of fellow Irishman Samuel Beckett. But PICT Classic Theatre’s production has more in common with ancient Greek tragedy than with… Read more »

Review: Pict Classic Theater cast brings life to wordy ‘Sharon’s Grave’

By Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review A vibrant, talented cast enlivens what would have otherwise been a long, word-filled night of theater. John B. Keane’s 1960 folk drama “Sharon’s Grave,” Pict Classic Theater’s latest production, intertwines a love story, a melodrama about land ownership and magical realism into an old-fashioned Irish potboiler. It’s set in… Read more »

Classic Themes Collide in Irish Family Drama ‘Sharon’s Grave’

By Rick Handler, Entertainment Central Pittsburgh PICT Classic Theatre’s Sharon’s Grave is an all-encompassing Irish drama built upon all the classic fault lines of death, love, mythology, greed, poverty, and humor. The play basically contains three stories interwoven together: a love story, a fight for land, and the influence of Celtic mythology set in 1925,… Read more »

Sharon’s Grave – Spellbinding Celtic Myth Woven into Reality of Survival

By Dave Zuchowski, Pittsburgh Owl Scribe   I can’t recall who it was that said learning a second language is like being a citizen of another country. In Irish playwright, John B. Keane’s brilliant play, “Sharon’s Grave” the language may be English, but the way it’s transformed by the characters living on the far western… Read more »

Stage review: Battle of good vs. evil plays out in family feud within ‘Sharon’s Grave’

By Christopher Rawson,Pittsburgh Post Gazette                 In the program for “Sharon’s Grave,” PICT Classic Theatre prints “Epic,” a sonnet by Patrick Kavanagh that contrasts village tussles with history’s great events, and finds them all made of common humanity. That a sonnet can be epic says much the same. So does… Read more »