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Sharon’s Grave – Spellbinding Celtic Myth Woven into Reality of Survival

By Dave Zuchowski, Pittsburgh Owl Scribe   I can’t recall who it was that said learning a second language is like being a citizen of another country. In Irish playwright, John B. Keane’s brilliant play, “Sharon’s Grave” the language may be English, but the way it’s transformed by the characters living on the far western… Read more »

Stage review: Battle of good vs. evil plays out in family feud within ‘Sharon’s Grave’

By Christopher Rawson,Pittsburgh Post Gazette                 In the program for “Sharon’s Grave,” PICT Classic Theatre prints “Epic,” a sonnet by Patrick Kavanagh that contrasts village tussles with history’s great events, and finds them all made of common humanity. That a sonnet can be epic says much the same. So does… Read more »

Preview: A family tempest looms in ‘Sharon’s Grave’

by Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The luck of the Irish doesn’t appear to be with Trassie Conlee. Her father is on his deathbed, and she, alone, must stand strong to protect her brother and her land from her cousins, the malevolent Dinzie and his brother Jack, who are hovering like vultures to take her home… Read more »

Pict Theatre’s ‘Sharon’s Grave’ faces dark battle within us all

by Alice T. Carter, Trib Total Media The man who wrote Pict Classic Theatre’s next production — “Sharon’s Grave” may be unknown to most Americans. But in Ireland, John B. Keane is famous. “Keane was one of the most popular and celebrated playwrights in Ireland,” says Aoife Spillane-Hinks, who is directing “Sharon’s Grave” for the… Read more »

Review: HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES, PICT Classic Theatre

“The set frankly is a masterpiece….one of the main reasons to see this show.” Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli recounts the fantastic set and the witty and comical script. See HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES by PICT Classic Theatre, through June 13, 2015. Click here to watch the ‘Burgh Vivant Video Review

PICT postpones ‘Saint Joan’; will move from Pitt theatres

By Sharon Eberson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette PICT Classic Theatre has postponed its September production of “Saint Joan,” replacing it with the two-character play “Educating Rita” as part of a planned restructuring that was forced into action sooner than expected. The current season, the company’s 20th, was planned in August 2014, when the company expected it… Read more »

PICT Classic Theatre in talks for new home

By Bob Karlovits / Trib Total Media Pict Classic Theatre is losing its home in Oakland, but its artistic and executive director believes it is near to finding a new one. Alan Stanford will not give any hint where the new home might be because, he says, “everything is under negotiation.” Pict is being forced to… Read more »

PICT Comes Back Home

By Pittsburgh Stage Magazine   PICT Classic Theatre, back in its Main Stage located within the Stephen Foster Memorial, the Charity Randall Theater, has brought to life the Comedy, How the Other Half Loves. The play, by Alan Ayckbourn, found its world premiere way back in 1969, but its content and it presentation this past… Read more »

Pict Classic Theatre’s ‘Other Half Loves’ mixes heartache, high humor

By Deborah Weisberg, Trib Total Media A laugh-out-loud farce about marriage, infidelity, class structure and social climbing will open Pict Classic Theatre’s 2015 Mainstage series May 28 at the Charity Randall Theatre in the Stephen Foster Memorial in Oakland. “How the Other Half Loves,” a British comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, makes hilarity and sometimes heartache… Read more »

Stage preview: Two worlds, one set challenges PICT designer

By Sharon Eberson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   Alan Ayckbourn plays with class and relationships in “How the Other Half Loves,” and he has strict instructions for the staging: There shall be overlapping living rooms with a smartly appointed room for the boss and a shabbier room belonging to the employee’s family. He also has said… Read more »