HENRIK IBSEN: The Man From the Far North

Henrik Ibsen: The Man from the Far North Webinar GraphicHENRIK IBSEN:
The Man From the Far North

A Conversation with Martin Giles & Alan Stanford

Friday, April 30, 2021
LIVE on YouTube at 2pm ET!


One of the most significant playwrights of the late 19th century was a gentleman from the most northern part of Europe. Henrik Ibsen had an enormous effect on the development of theatre that reached far beyond his homeland and helped writers in other societies discover a new realism concerning social and socio/political issues not normally addressed in the theatre.

Martin Giles joins Alan Stanford in this week’s webinar: a Pittsburgh actor and director whose passion for, and experience with, the plays of Ibsen will give us a glimpse into the importance of these works.

Join us Friday at 2pm ET for this in-depth webinar on the “Father of Realism,” appropriate for all ages.

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