Why Volunteer?

What do volunteers do at PICT Classic Theatre? They help turn great theatre performances into memorable theatre experiences for our guests. PICT volunteers contribute their talents in a variety of ways, and they enjoy the camaraderie and recognition that comes with being a part of a successful and growing theatre company. They help others discover the power of classic theatre, and they help preserve timeless works for future generations.

Start the Journey

PICT Classic Theatre has many opportunities for volunteering based on your talents and interests. If you would like to become involved, please complete this FORM and email it to with a short note summarizing why you would like to join PICT Classic Theatre. Our staff will help you determine which volunteer opportunities are best for you.

The Customer Experience

PICT Classic Theatre patrons and donors are important to us. They are part of our theatre family and we are their host. They join us seven or more times a year for plays, special events, lectures and discussions, and they deserve to have an enjoyable experience from start to finish. From greeting and assisting patrons at our theatres, to participating at events, to providing office and logistical support, to assembling thank-you gifts and celebrating special guests, how we perform this work matters. If you would like to learn how you can contribute to the customer experience please email or call us to discuss at 412-561-6000.

Get to Know Us – Join a Committee

If you are interested in getting more involved, but not sure how, consider committee membership. Committees range from standing board committees such as Development, Finance, Governance, and Marketing and Sales, to ad hoc committees such as UnCommon Pleas and PICT Plays Gala. Committees are a good way to meet the community of staff and leadership that guide the decisions and details of the organization’s activities. We always welcome fresh ideas and a variety of input from our community. Email a completed FORM to to get started.

Take the Lead – Start a Guild or Affinity Group

Interested in supporting PICT Classic Theatre but through your own leadership efforts? We have the perfect opportunity for you: Start a guild or affinity group. PICT Classic Theatre is looking for independent, entrepreneurial spirits that enjoy socializing, throwing parties, having discussions or starting something new and unique. Let PICT help you unleash your creativity, and let’s build more theatre tribes. Email a completed FORM to to get started.

Dig Deeper – Explore Board of Directors Membership

In addition to the many opportunities listed above, there is a one volunteer position that comes with greater responsibility and commitment: the PICT Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of PICT Classic Theatre and for the proper management of the organization, its programs and its resources. In addition to active fundraising and committee service on behalf of the company, each Board Member is expected to make PICT Classic Theatre one of his or her philanthropic priorities. If you would like to explore board membership, please contact us at

Be a Part of Something

An active and thriving volunteer base at PICT Classic Theatre helps us to expand the organization’s reach, diversity initiatives, and governance so that PICT Classic Theatre can be relevant and reliable for many years to come. Please consider joining us. Start by filling out this FORM or email

Download Volunteer Form



PICT Classic Theatre has many opportunities for volunteering based on your talents and interests. If you would like to become involved, visit HERE for more information.



PICT is now seeking AEA and NON-UNION Actors excel in dialects for our 2020 Radio Drama Series: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales, and A Christmas Carol.

We are particularly seeking actors who can use vocal variety to portray multiple characters ranging in age and gender.

See breakdown for preparation. Actors may submit two .mp3 audio samples as well as a current headshot and resume HERE.  Auditions should be received by September 18, 2020. Please read over full breakdown before submitting. Questions? Email

2020 Radio Auditions Breakdown

Please note that PICT does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.



PICT Classic Theatre reviews production resumes year round. Submit resume and cover letter highlighting relevant experience to the attention of General Operations Manager. Directors and designers interested in working with PICT Classic Theatre may submit a resume and cover letter to the attention of Alan Stanford, Artistic & Executive Director.


PICT Classic Theatre is always seeking qualified interns for the Fall and Spring terms. Internships are designed for the mutual benefit of the student and the theatre company. Those interested should send a resume and letter of interest that outlines their goals for a possible internship with PICT Classic Theatre to the attention of General Operations Director, Catherine Kolos.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have put this program on pause until we resume production.