Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme

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A Pittsburgh Premiere
Directed by Matt Torney
September 4-20, 2014
Charity Randall Theatre

How strong is the bond between men united by the call to arms? Eight young men of Ulster, thrown together for army training during the Great War, must move beyond the troubles between Protestant and Catholic as they prepare for the Battle of the Somme. Frank McGuinness’ lyrical play captures the fierce friendship and loyalty among men who must face the wickedness and wastefulness of war.

If you enjoyed Band of Brothers, this World War I play will resonate with you. Appropriate for ages 12+.

“Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme” is performed in 2 hours and 30 minutes with one 15-minute intermission.

Click here to view the “Sons of Ulster” program book. Be sure to check out pages 22 & 23 for notes from the Dramaturg and a glossary of Irish terms!



“A triumphant production about earning love and respect and the true costs of war”
-Rick Handler, Entertainment Central Pittsburgh

“Director Matt Torney’s seamless pacing kept the story marching forward to its inevitable conclusion”
-Alice T. Carter, Trib Total Media

“Beautifully directed by Matt Torney”
-Chris Rawson on Pittsburgh Today Live

“It’s a wonderful show with eight fully-formed characters trying to survive in the ugliest of situations. Go see it.”
– The Pittsburgh Stage Magazine

“There isn’t a second you’re not giving the production the attention demanded.”
– Ted Hoover, City Paper

“It’s sad, and it’s touching and moving, but it has an extreme amount of humor and playfulness”
-Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant

“One does not expect a play about World War I to be quite as funny as this play is in places, and the PICT ensemble brings out the humor with deftness and ease”
-Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler


Director Matt Torney and actor Ciaran Byrne on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live

Listen to Matt Torney on WQED FM

WWI Drama at Charity Randall Theatre centers on friendship, sacrifice of 8 Irishmen
-Alice T. Carter, Trib Total Media

Stage Preview: Play looks at future Irish enemies fighting in WWI trenches
-Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

‘Observe the Sons’ explores disillusion with war, bond of brotherhood in World War I
-Richard Koppenaal, Pitt News