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PICT Emerges from the darkness with a brilliant “As You Like It”

PICT Emerges from the darkness with a brilliant “As You Like It” by STUART SHEPPARD Pittsburgh Quarterly, Fall 2021 November 10, 2021 It’s certainly more than a little ironic that the last play I reviewed before the pandemic shut down all the theaters nearly two years ago was a work by Shakespeare, set in a forest,… Read more »


Cottagers and Indians by Drew Hayden Taylor

JUST ANNOUNCED: Cottagers & Indians By Drew Hayden Taylor Directed by Vanessa Vivas December 12, 2021 | 2pm & 7pm The Atrium at Rodef Shalom We are thrilled to announce the Second Selection in the Expand the Canon cycle of Staged readings: Drew Hayden Taylor’s Cottagers & Indians. This staged reading will be presented absent of lights,… Read more »

Expand the Canon Selection 1 Announced!

An Improbable Fiction

Join PICT for the launch of the 2021-2022 EXPAND THE CANON Series with… AN IMPROBABLE FICTION By James DeVita Directed by Robin Walsh Sunday, November 21, 2021 In the Atrium at Rodef Shalom 2pm & 7pm London. Early 1600’s during the plague. The theaters have all been closed. Six of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters –… Read more »

From 5 to 2: The Director’s Dilemma

From 5 to 2 Webinar graphic PICT Classic Theatre

The First in our 2022 Webinar Series! FROM 5 TO 2: THE DIRECTOR’S DILEMMA Friday, January 14, 2022 2pm ET | Live on YouTube WATCH HERE When all of the plays of Shakespeare – and those of many of contemporaries – are written in a five-act formula with no clear indication of any other division… Read more »

2021-2022 Season Update

Updated January 12, 2022 When we launched our 25th Anniversary Season in October, we understood that reopening live, in-person theatre would require flexibility as we collectively weathered new COVID-19 variants. With COVID cases growing exponentially across Allegheny County, we’ve decided it is in the best interest of our cast, staff and you, our patrons, to… Read more »


The Worlds of Charles Dickens 2021 PICT webinar

THE WORLDS OF CHARLES DICKENS Hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, December 17, 2021 WATCH HERE Tolstoy thought Charles Dickens to be “the greatest of all storytellers.” His classic novels, including David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol have not only delighted readers for more than 150 years, but have also stood the… Read more »

Let Us Be Friends: Shakespeare’s Dangerous Invitation

LET US BE FRIENDS: SHAKESPEARE’S DANGEROUS INVITATION Friday, December 3, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube Hosted by Alan Stanford WATCH HERE Friendship is unquestionably the closest form of human contact other than marriage. And Shakespeare’s plays are filled with rich examples of friendship. From Hamlet and Horatio to Rosalind and Celia, friendship in… Read more »

In Conversation: James DeVita, Playwright

EXPAND THE CANON IN CONVERSATION: JAMES DEVITA Playwright, An Improbable Fiction With Robin Walsh, Director & Sharon McCune, Associate Producer Friday, November 19, 2021 2pm ET | YouTube WATCH HERE Join us for an in-depth discussion of the first selection of the Expand the Canon Series, An Improbable Fiction, with playwright James DeVita and director Robin Walsh. How… Read more »

It’s All A Village

IT’S ALL A VILLAGE A New Webinar Hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, November 12, 2021 2pm ET | YouTube WATCH HERE Last week we discussed the principle that all plays were based on the idea of overcoming the darkness. That all plots led us away from safety, into peril, and back again to safety. And… Read more »

Overcoming the Darkness – This Friday!

The Mysterious Seven Part V: Overcoming the Darkness Friday, November 5, 2021 2PM ET | Live on YouTube Hosted by Alan Stanford Watch Here What is The Darkness? Who is The Darkness? Why do we fear it? How can we possibly defeat it? Amongst the complexity of plot lines, these questions seems to be the… Read more »

A Picture, A Crime, & A Very Ancient Ghost

A PICTURE, A CRIME & A VERY ANCIENT GHOST Hosted by Alan Stanford October 29, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube WATCH HERE Most people, even his most ardent fans, tend to forget that Oscar Wilde didn’t just write plays. He was a journalist, an essayist, and a remarkable storyteller. His Fairy Tales are… Read more »