Building the Picture – March 5!

Building the Picture Webinar graphicBUILDING THE PICTURE

Direction & Scenic Design
with Alan Stanford
Friday, March 5, 2021 | 2pm
Live on YouTube


When planning any production for the stage, one of the earliest decisions every director must make is what it will look like. The entire practice and purpose of scenic design is to offer the audience a picture to aid their understanding of the play and to give the actors the sense of place they require in order to create the illusion of the play. Working together with lighting and costume and sound designers, the scenic designer, and the director work as a team to offer the visual and auditory sense of place and time, on which the audience’s imaginations can play. This week we start with an empty space and discuss the process by which we fill it.

Join us for an illuminating hour on a director’s approach to scenic design hosted by PICT Classic Theatre’s Alan Stanford. This webinar is free and appropriate for all ages.

Can’t tune in live? Watch the replay at your leisure anytime on the PICT Youtube Channel.