Casting Notice: PICT Classic Theatre 2016-2017

Seeking Actors of ALL ethnicities, types and ages for our upcoming season!

Dates: Monday March 21 10AM-6PM

            Tuesday March 22 10AM-6PM

            Thursday March 24 10AM-6PM

Location: PICT Classic Theatre’s Office, 2403 Sidney St. Suite 285, Pittsburgh PA 15203

Requirements: Please prepare a heightened text monologue (Shakespeare, Greek, ect.) and a second monologue of your choice. Please keep each monologue under 2 minutes.

To Schedule: Please email with three possible audition times, in order of preference. AEA Members will be given priority scheduling. Non-union performers please include a headshot and resume in your scheduling email.



Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell

Shirley Valentine-Bradshaw (F 35+) is a middle-aged woman who often finds herself having a conversation with her kitchen wall than with her own husband Joe or their grown children. Bradshaw’s life is on a standstill while she constantly dream about the long gone days of being a young, happy and confident woman.


Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare to be performed in repertoire with Lion in Winter (Seeking Actors of All Ethnicities)

Antonio  (M 50+) A prosperous Venetian merchant, liked and admired by his fellow citizens.

Bassanio (M 30-40) A nobleman from Venice, who is a kinsman, close friend, and longtime debtor of the merchant, Antonio. His status as Portia’s suitor and, later, her husband, makes Bassanio the romantic hero of the play. At best clueless, and at worst consciously selfish and manipulative, he always manages to avoid earning his own way

Shylock (M 50+) A Jewish moneylender in Venice who has been embittered by years of abuse at the hands of Venetian Christians and Antonio, the merchant, in particular. The other characters, including Shylock’s own daughter, Jessica, consider him inhuman—bestial or demonic.

Gratiano (M 25-35) A notoriously vulgar Venetian and friend of Bassanio.

Nerissa (F 25-35)  Portia’s servant and confidante

Lancelot Gobo (M 25-35) A clownish servant,

Portia (F 25-40) A beautiful, clever, and wealthy noblewoman.

Duke (doubles as Arragon (M 40+)  Presides over the trial of Antonio. As Aragon: A Spanish nobleman who woos Portia at Belmont.

Lorenzo (M 20-30) A Venetian and friend of Bassanio and Antonio, who is in love with Shylock’s daughter Jessica.

Jessica (F 20-30)  Shylock’s daughter, who moves from merely disdaining her father to actually robbing him, eloping with a Christian Venetian, Lorenzo, and converting to Christianity.

Morrocco (M 25+)   Moorish prince who comes to woo Portia at Belmont.


Lion in Winter by James Goldman to be performed in repertoire with The Merchant of Venice (Seeking All Ethnicities)

Henry II (m 60+) The king of England, Henry is the husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine and the father of Richard, Geoffrey, and John. He also has taken Alais Capet as his mistress. In his fifties, Henry is nearing the years when most men of that age died; however, he still has remarkable vigor and wit, as well as physical prowess. His clear favorite for his successor is his son, John, but his main desire is to keep his kingdom together after his death.

Alais Capet (f 25-35) The sister of Philip Capet, Alais is of the royal blood of France and would thus, through a contracted marriage with Richard, ally the two strong countries of France and England. She was raised as a child by Eleanor, and is the mistress of Henry. She is no less a pawn in the machinations of Henry and Eleanor than are their sons.

John (m 25-30) The youngest of the three sons of Henry and Eleanor, John is described as pimply and an immature boy. He is, however, his father’s choice for the crown, and he uses this knowledge in taunting his two brothers.

Geoffrey (m 30-35) The middle son of Henry and Eleanor, Geoffrey has no one fighting for his right to any throne, and he usually accepts his fate, but his does rankle him that he usually is not considered—in any matters of the heart or family. He is described as the most cerebral of the three boys.

Richard (m 35-40) The oldest of the three sons of Henry and Eleanor, Richard in later life becomes known as Richard the Lion Heart. He is his mother’s choice for the next king, and is probably the best warrior of the three sons.

Eleanor of Aquitaine (f 50+) The wife of Henry II and mother of Richard, Geoffrey, and John, Eleanor is a strong and powerful woman in her own right. She is still beautiful and still in many ways in love with her husband, although he keeps her in prison most of the time. She is a danger to Henry because of her strength and intelligence; and she champions the fight for Richard to be the next king.

Philip Capet (m 25-35) The king of France, Philip is also the brother of Alais. He is young, but has already become a strong monarch, although no match for Henry. His desire is to marry Alais to Richard and have Richard crowned king, thus cementing a relationship between the two countries.


Oedipus by Sophocles (Seeking All Ethnicities)

Oedipus (M 20-35) A young, charismatic queen

Jocasta/Chorus (F 45+) Beautiful and troubled queen.  Wife and (unknowing) mother of Oepidus.

Creon/Chorus (M 40 +) Brother to the queen.  Political and scheming.

Teiresias/Chorus (M 40+) a blind seer

Corinthian/Chorus (M/F 25-40) Messanger

Leader (M/F 20-40) leader of the Chorus

Polybus/Chorus (M 25-40) Oedipus’ adoptive father

Sphynx (M/F 20+) Mythological creature who meets Oedipus on his travels to Thebes

Young Jocasta/Chorus (F 20-30)

Merope/Chorus (F 25-40) – Oedipus’ adoptive mother

Theban/Telemon/Chorus (M/F 20-40) A shephard, and later a courtier.


Sive by John B Keane

Nanna Glavin (F 60+) the mother of Mike, living with her son and his family.

Mena Glavin (F 40+) mean and self centered wife of Mike.  She is a woman who has suffered by poverty and patriarchy.

Mike Glavin (M 40+) an easily manipulated man.  Sive’s Uncle.

Sive (F 18-25) A young, educated woman who has trouble asserting herself

Thomasheen Sean Rua (M 40+) The local matchmaker.  Shrewd and manipulative, and unashamedly driven by his own interests.

Seann Dota (M 60+) an elderly bachelor interested in Sive.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Pats Bocock (M 50+) A traveller with his son, Cathalawn.  They serve as a greek chorus for the play.

Cathalawn (M 20+) Son of Pats Bocock.  A traveller that serves as greek chorus to the play.

Liam Scubb (M 18-25) An educated young man who rejects the families desires to “auction” off Sive.  He loves her and is willing to disregard his own self interest.