Casting Notice: PICT Classic Theatre 2017-2018

Friday, July 28th 10am to 6pm
Saturday, July 29th 12pm to 4pm
Tuesday, August 1st 10am to 6pm
PICT Classic Theatre’s Office and Studio:
2403 Sidney St. Suite 285, Pittsburgh PA 15203
Please prepare two one-minute monologues – one of heightened text (Shakespeare, Greek, Classical, etc.) and one contemporary. Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition. 
How to schedule:
Please email Company & Operations Manager, Dale Hess, at with at least three possible audition times, in order of preference. Please include your AEA status (AEA, EMC, or non-union) and a phone number in your e-mail request. AEA Members will be given priority scheduling. Non-union performers please include a headshot and resume in your scheduling email.


PICT Classic Theatre Breakdown

2017/2018 Auditions


Romeo and Juliet


Prince of Verona – M, 50-60 – Authoritative (Mafia Don type)

Paris – M, 30-35 – Nephew to Prince, cool/slick business type

  • Montague / Apothecary – M, late 50s – Kindly
  • Capulet – M, late 50s – a “big man”
  • Romeo – M, early 20s – good looking
  • Tybalt – M, late 20s to early 30s – Nephew to Capulet, angry and cruel
  • Mercutio – M, early 30s – a showman, must move well
  • Benvolio – M, early 30s – a showman, must move well
  • Friar Laurence – M, mid 50s – Priest. Kindly, but tough
  • Friar John / Abram – M, 18-25 – a priest / servant
  • Sampson / Peter – M, 18-25 – Servants (good comedic timing)
  • Lady Capulet – F, 40-5 – Mother of Juliet, dripping with class
  • Juliet – F, must look at most 18, but can be older
  • Nurse – F, 40s – nurse to Juliet
  • Possible non-speaking extras (three women)

In the Company of Oscar Wilde


Looking for 6 actors for various roles in the writing of Oscar Wilde presented in recital format.


Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre Senior – F, 45 to 55 — the narrator

2) Jane Eyre – F, 25 to 30 — a plain woman made attractive by her intelligence, kindness and humor. She is outspoken and honest.

3) Rochester – M, 40 to 55 — Owner of Thornfield, and Jane’s boss and love interest. Blunt and gruff – but not cruel. Haunted by a secret from his past.

4) F, 40 to 50 — Mrs. Reed – Jane’s aunt, an unkind, arrogant woman of means

Miss Scratcherd – one of the stricter teachers at Lowood Institution

Grace Poole – servant at Thornfield, intimidating & mysterious

Lady Ingram – Blanch’s mother – an arrogant upper-class older woman. Probably more                       active in society than Mrs. Reed. Adores her obnoxious daughter.

5) F, 50 to 65 — Mrs. Fairfax – housekeeper at Thornfield, friend to Jane

Hanna – housekeeper to the Rivers family

6) M, 45 to 60 — Brocklehurst – the headmaster at Lowood Institution, a cruel, arrogant man

Briggs – an attorney who stops the wedding of Rochester and Jane, and later tells Jane of her inheritance

7) F, 25 to 35 — Miss Temple – a kind teacher at Lowood Institution

Mary Rivers – sister to Diana and St. John; well-educated, kind young woman who becomes a good friend to Jane

8) F, 25 to 35 — Blanch Ingram – a beautiful but haughty upper-class woman, about 25 years old. Spoiled and pampered. Sings beautifully.

Diana Rivers – sister to Mary and St. John; well-educated, kind young woman who becomes a good friend to Jane

9) M, 50 to 65 — Lord Ingram – husband to Lady Ingram, father to Blanch; shares their haughty attitude.

Rev. Wood – performs the marriage of Rochester and Jane

Surgeon – bandages Mason’s wounds

10) M, 35 to 45 — Mason – Bertha’s brother. A timid man.

St. John Rivers – clergyman who takes Jane in after she leaves Thornfield, gives her an occupation, and wishes to marry her.

11) F, 35 to 45– Bertha (non-speaking) – Rochester’s insane wife, as wild and dangerous as an untamed animal.

CHILDREN (under 18)

1) F, 8 to 10 — Young Jane – intelligent, outspoken, independent.

Marjory — one of Jane’s students at Whitcross

2) M, 10 to 12 — John Reed – Jane’s cousin, a mean-spirited child

Davie – a young servant at Thornfield

3) F, 7 to 10 — Georgiana Reed – Jane’s cousin, an arrogant child

Girl 1 – one of the children at Lowood Institution

Schoolgirl — one of Jane’s students at Whitcross

4) F, 10 to 12 — Helen Burns – Jane’s best friend at Lowood Institution, her faith in God allows her to bear the hardships she faces.

Schoolgirl — one of Jane’s students at Whitcross

5) F, 7 to 10 — Eliza Reed – Jane’s cousin, a cruel child

Adele – the young lady Jane becomes governess to at Thornfield. Ward of Mr. Rochester. Very fond of Jane. Smart & lively.

Schoolgirl — one of Jane’s students at Whitcross

6) F, 15 to 17 — Barbara – maid at Lowood Institution

Leah – a servant at Thornfield