Greek Theatre In Performance: A Four-Part Series

Greek Theatre in Performance Webinar GraphicGREEK THEATRE IN PERFORMANCE:
A Four-Part Webinar Series

January 28 – February 18, 2022 | 2pm ET Live on YouTube

Hosted by Alan Stanford

Ancient Texts & Modern Themes – there is a reason Greek theatre is the foundation of all theatrical endeavors. Over four weeks we will examine the craft of analysis, modern application, and performance of this era of ancient text in a lively new webinar series hosted by Alan Stanford, featuring your favorite PICT actors.

PART I: Foundations | January 28
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Nothing survives for long unless it is built on good foundations. And that is as true for theatre as it is for the home you live in.
So what are the foundations of theatre? Where did Theatre as we know it in the western world come from? What were its origins? Who created its form? The general answer to all these questions is…The Greeks. In this week’s webinar we will introduce the major players in the world of Greek Theatre: the writers who laid the foundations of all we now understand as this modern art form.

PART II: Let Me Tell You A Story | February 4
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The word Theater has two meanings. It is a place, and it is an action. A theatre is a place of storytelling, but also a sacred place, derived from a place of worship, philosophy, and poetry.
The ‘action’ of theatre occurs in the ‘place ‘of theatre. But why? And how?
This week we will look at what a Greek theatre was: What it looked like; How it developed; And how it (probably) worked.

PART III: It’s All Greek To Me | February 11
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This week we are going to look at some of the major themes that Greek poets and playwrights have addressed – and they covered nearly all human behaviors and frailties, from arrogance and hubris to love to downright absurdity, and all overwatched by a pantheon of Olympian Gods.
We will meet some of the unfortunate humans, whose lives and deaths were acted out as a demonstration of the flaws of human nature and as a lesson to us all.

PART IV: The Modern Application | February 18
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For over two and a half thousand years the early writers of theatre have influenced to development of an art form that is still intrinsically the same as it was when it first premiered in the cities of Greece. Writers change, and the world finds new looks and new devices, but human nature continues much as it did in the time of Sophocles and Euripides.
This week we will examine how we address Greek theatre today and its influence on later writers.
We may stage it in new and innovative ways, but the stories we tell of those ancient times and people are still as true today as they were then. Will we learn from the lessons of the past, or are we doomed to repeat history?