Overcoming the Darkness – This Friday!

The ysterious Seven: Part VThe Mysterious Seven
Part V: Overcoming the Darkness

Friday, November 5, 2021
2PM ET | Live on YouTube

Hosted by Alan Stanford

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What is The Darkness? Who is The Darkness? Why do we fear it? How can we possibly defeat it?

Amongst the complexity of plot lines, these questions seems to be the most compelling and the most exciting. We are in thrall to the very idea of the undefeatable threat that must be defeated at all costs. From the Dark Lord of the Rings to the Evil Emperor in a Galaxy far, far away; to monsters in the dark or in the deep, our sense of dread fires up the imagination and gives us the ultimate plot line to satisfy our desires for adventure.

This week’s webinar will discuss the nature of The Darkness in stories, and why they are so essential to our sense of safety and security.