A Night in the Life of a PICT Usher

PICT Classic Theatre Usher's Name Tag

You seem them at every show, ready to show you to your seat – ushers. You might be left wondering how they found this opportunity, how often they do it, or if they get any kind of perks. Well, wonder no more! This post will walk you through an average night for a PICT usher.

How do they find this opportunity?

Believe it or not, most theatre companies in the Pittsburgh area have a volunteer based usher system. For many people, it becomes a theatre-going routine once they know about it. Not all companies publicize these opportunities, but a lot of regular ushers know to just call and ask about how they can help. The lesson here? Theatres are always looking for people to help usher. Call them, e-mail them – they can use you! For us, if you send an email to dhess@picttheatre.org or call our box office, someone will work out the perfect date to have you come help us!

The lobby of the Charity Randall Theater before one of PICT's performances.

The lobby of the Charity Randall Theater before one of PICT’s performances.

How often do they usher?

In our case, ushering is a relaxed volunteering commitment; You can help as often or as sparingly as you like. You can come to every performance, one performance, one show, every show – whatever works for you! We know that not everyone has the availability to help consistently, so we created a volunteering opportunity that works completely with your schedule.

Do they get any perks?

Of course! For just one hour of scanning tickets or helping people to their seats, our ushers get to see the show for free. Now you can see why this becomes a habit for some people, right? It’s an affordable way to get to see fantastic theatre (here’s looking at you, college students). Not to mention, the work is pretty easy. We know that theatre can be expensive, so this is just one way that we hope to make it accessible for everyone.


Sound like a pretty cool opportunity? Don’t be afraid to try it out! We always need people to help us, so we are more than happy to show you the ropes. Call our box office or e-mail Dale at dhess@picttheatre.org to volunteer today.