PICT’s Economic Impact in the Region: A GPAC report

Arts, Culture, & Economic Prosperity in Allegheny County



 This figure is the sum of the impacts of organizational spending and audience spending as it ripples through the Greater Pittsburgh economy:

  • $1,050,000 annually in organizational spending on artistic programming, salaries and benefits, professional services, communications, and physical plant
  • Spending by 12,252 audience members on non-ticket items–meals/refreshments, transportation and parking, lodging, souvenirs, childcare, etc.

Impacts of $1,050,000 in Annual Organizational Spending 

Household Income: $725,582
Local Tax Revenues: $44,625
State Tax Revenues: $49,959
Full-Time Employees (FTEs): 30.4

 Impacts This Audience’s Spending
12,252 annual attendance)

Household Income: $128,423
Local Tax Revenues: $13,082
State Tax Revenues: $21,264
FTE (Full Time Employees): 8.2

Combined Impacts of Organizational and Audience Spending 

Household Income: $854,005
Local Tax Revenues: $57,707
State Tax Revenues: $71,223
FTE (Full Time Employees): 38.6

Total Economic Impact: $1,312,683

Through the Greater Pittsburgh Arts CouncilAllegheny County was one of 182 study regions that participated in the Americans for the Arts’ nationwide Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study.  The Allegheny County portion of the study shows that the county’s arts and culture sector has a total economic impact of $1.17 billion, and it generates $410 million in household income, $74 million in tax revenues, and 20,550 jobs (4 out of 5 of which are outside the arts and culture).  For more details on GPAC’s Arts, Culture & Economic Prosperity in Allegheny County report, national findings on the arts and economic impact, and the full methodology used to calculate your organization’s economic impact, please visit:www.pittsburghartscouncil.org/prosperity

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