Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

The Downtown Series

The poignant, passionate and profound songs of Belgian songwriter Jacques Brel are vividly brought to life in this intense musical experience. Master of the chanson, Brel’s legendary, romantic works have been translated and recorded worldwide by artists such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and Judy Collins. His music is brimming with European sophistication, and the sheer poetry of his songs supports many layers of interpretation, giving every production new and unexpected meaning. This American musical revue, which was adapted for film in 1975, will be the second and final performance in PICT’s Downtown Series.

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris will be performed in eighty minutes with no intermission. 

Now Through May 9: Peirce Studio, Trust Arts Education Center, 805 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh

May 14 - May 17: Henry Heymann Theatre, Stephen Foster Memorial, 4301 Forbes Avenue, Oakland

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"The show flies by in 80 minutes without intermission, a mini-musical of songs from a particular time and place yet timeless in their subject matter. PICT’s new production respects the past and reinvigorates it to for today’s eager audiences."

"Caroline Nicolian impresses with her control and lung power on “Carousel,” a dervish of a song that leaves even the audience breathless."

"The strength of the performers is the key reason to go. The performers are fantastic!"

"If you’re looking to see a fun, fast-paced show 'Jacque Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris' is a great production to see. Apparently, the rest of Pittsburgh thinks the same so PICT has extended the run May 14th through the 17th and those performances will be held in the Henry Heymann Theatre in Oakland."

"Usually there's a reason a show remains unproduced for 25 years. But now I'm convinced the hiatus was because the Theater Gods were waiting until PICT director Alan Stanford could assemble Daina Michelle Griffith, Justin Lonesome, Caroline Nicolian and Jonathan Visser to perform the material, and Douglas Levine was available to function as music director, bringing together musicians John Marcinizyn, Pierce Cook and P. J. Gatch. I cannot imagine this show will ever be as soaring as what PICT has done."

"Undoubtedly, the evening's standout performance is by Justin Lonesome, who has the good fortune and great voice to handle the show's most complicated and dynamic musical numbers."