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“Something wicked this way comes,” says the witch as Macbeth approaches. Spurred on by the witches’ prophecies, Macbeth and his Lady wreak death and devastation to secure the throne of Scotland. How far will they go to satisfy the blossoming wickedness in their hearts? Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy will leave you breathless.

Directed by Alan Stanford

The Charity Randall Theatre inside the Stephen Foster Memorial, 4301 Forbes Avenue, Oakland

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"It has much to reveal in performance, and in this staging by PICT Classic Theatre, the chief attraction, counter-intuitively, is nonverbal: striking images with billows of mist artfully lit by Cat Wilson in fits and flashes, sometimes static like antique panoramas, sometimes moving in slow choreography. The large cast is generally competent in speech, but it is most wonderful when telling the tale in pictures."

"Murder, mayhem and witchcraft: Is there a more Halloween-appropriate play from Shakespeare than Macbeth? PICT Classic Theatre pulls out all the stops for this incarnation of the proverbial Scottish play, remaining faithful enough to please purists while adding a tinge of avant-garde sensibilities."

"This play has something for everyone, just in time for Halloween. There are witches, ghosts and sword fights, as well as poetic monologues that wax philosophical about the nature of fate and free will and the consequences of our actions."

"Its sinister atmosphere is conjured by the weird sisters at the very beginning of the play, when they chant 'fair is foul and foul is fair' – a deeply cynical line that aptly encapsulates the murkiness of the play’s moral landscape."

"PICT's production does manage to find that balance: it's very intense and very dramatic, but also somewhat simplified. Excellent direction, great acting, and beautiful tech all combine to make a very solid presentation. "

"Shakespeare's dark tale of reckless ambition and murder gets an even darker reading in Pict Classic Theatre's Macbeth. Director Alan Stanford, scenic designers Michael Thomas Essad and costume designer Michael Montgomery created a spare, sharp edged and very black world where spritely singing witches gambol and ambitions spin out of control."