Romeo and Juliet

Although it is considered to be the greatest love story of all time, Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET is more, far more than that. As it examines the brief and passionate relationship between these star-crossed lovers, it also gives us a vivid presentation of the tragedy that can be evoked by the interference of the well-meaning but prejudiced attitude of others. The effects of baseless family feuds, violent- tempered friends, and well-intentioned but hubris-ridden mentors can and do bring tragedy in their wake. Indeed the play may teach us that it is only through tragedy that we learn finally to correct our lives and our attitudes toward those whom we are supposed to protect.

Opening Saturday night, Saturday, October 21, 7:30pm, Sponsored by UPMC Health Plan and Jones Day. Join the production cast, crew, director, and staff for our Opening Night celebration immediately following the show. Festivities will be held at WQED.

A talk-back discussion will immediately follow the Sunday, October 22 matinee. Our director and cast will participate in this audience driven exchange.

Come to WQED at 6:30pm for a 30 minute pre-show lecture, given by director Alan Stanford, on the production, Shakespeare and historical background centric to the play. Performance at 7:30pm.

PICT Classic Theatre’s production of ROMEO AND JULIET is generously supported by:
The Opportunity Fund
Jones Day
Karen & Chuck Moellenberg
Anne & Jim Burnham
Dina Fulmer

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