Sharon’s Grave

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About the Show

Trouble is brewing as Donal Conlee takes to his deathbed. His lonely daughter must fight for her land and protect her brother against the scheming of their malignant cousin. This story of land-lust, mystery and folklore is a classic tale, set against the rugged North Atlantic coastline of Ireland in the 1920s. Witness the mastery of one of Ireland’s foremost storytellers and playwrights as he weaves the tale of this Conlee family feud together with the mythical story of a beautiful Celtic princess, Sharon, who meets an untimely end. Similar to the plays of Synge or McDonagh, this is a show for all the family to enjoy.


Sharon’s Grave will be performed in two hours and fifteen minutes including one fifteen-minute intermission.

The Henry Heymann Theatre inside the Stephen Foster Memorial, 4301 Forbes Avenue, Oakland

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"Aoife Spillane-Hinks directs, balancing evil and good with as much delicacy as the play allows... But surely this play is a reason we are gratified to have PICT among us."

"How refreshing to see a play performed for what it is, instead of what it might mean."

"Keane — and most of his characters — fit the Irish stereotype as highly verbal talkers and narrators...What brings all this to life is a cast that knows how to play big moments with bravado, as well as small moments with intimacy."

"As the malcontent, James FitzGerald’s performance is mesmerizing, one of the best I’ve seen on stage this season."

"Sharon’s Grave is a Celtic mystical experience of its own, based on a compelling story, great acting and directing, and performed in an intimate setting. The audience enjoyed the play and gave the actors a standing ovation."

"Giles is electrifying as the shamanistic charlatan. It’s another superb performance in a terrific cast."

"James Fitzgerald is simply fantastic as Dinzie. It's hard to think that a cripple with a hunchback could strike fear into your heart but that's exactly what happens when he's onstage. "

"The play is beautifully written, with a poetry in the language that allows it to take flight and make large and transcendent conflicts out of the characters’ relatively small individual struggles."