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2021-2022 Season Update

Updated January 12, 2022 When we launched our 25th Anniversary Season in October, we understood that reopening live, in-person theatre would require flexibility as we collectively weathered new COVID-19 variants. With COVID cases growing exponentially across Allegheny County, we’ve decided it is in the best interest of our cast, staff and you, our patrons, to… Read more »

Let Us Be Friends: Shakespeare’s Dangerous Invitation

LET US BE FRIENDS: SHAKESPEARE’S DANGEROUS INVITATION Friday, December 3, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube Hosted by Alan Stanford WATCH HERE Friendship is unquestionably the closest form of human contact other than marriage. And Shakespeare’s plays are filled with rich examples of friendship. From Hamlet and Horatio to Rosalind and Celia, friendship in… Read more »

PICT Emerges from the darkness with a brilliant “As You Like It”

PICT Emerges from the darkness with a brilliant “As You Like It” by STUART SHEPPARD Pittsburgh Quarterly, Fall 2021 November 10, 2021 It’s certainly more than a little ironic that the last play I reviewed before the pandemic shut down all the theaters nearly two years ago was a work by Shakespeare, set in a forest,… Read more »

It’s All A Village

IT’S ALL A VILLAGE A New Webinar Hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, November 12, 2021 2pm ET | YouTube WATCH HERE Last week we discussed the principle that all plays were based on the idea of overcoming the darkness. That all plots led us away from safety, into peril, and back again to safety. And… Read more »

Overcoming the Darkness – This Friday!

The Mysterious Seven Part V: Overcoming the Darkness Friday, November 5, 2021 2PM ET | Live on YouTube Hosted by Alan Stanford Watch Here What is The Darkness? Who is The Darkness? Why do we fear it? How can we possibly defeat it? Amongst the complexity of plot lines, these questions seems to be the… Read more »


JUST ANNOUNCED: Cottagers & Indians By Drew Hayden Taylor Directed by Vanessa Vivas December 12, 2021 | 2pm & 7pm The Atrium at Rodef Shalom We are thrilled to announce the Second Selection in the Expand the Canon cycle of Staged readings: Drew Hayden Taylor’s Cottagers & Indians. This staged reading will be presented absent of lights,… Read more »

A Picture, A Crime, & A Very Ancient Ghost

A PICTURE, A CRIME & A VERY ANCIENT GHOST Hosted by Alan Stanford October 29, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube WATCH HERE Most people, even his most ardent fans, tend to forget that Oscar Wilde didn’t just write plays. He was a journalist, an essayist, and a remarkable storyteller. His Fairy Tales are… Read more »

Native Voices in Theatre with Randy Reinholz

NATIVE VOICES IN THEATRE With Randy Reinholz Hosted by Sharon McCune October 22, 2021 | 2pm ET Live on YouTube Watch Here This week we are honored to welcome back playwright and theatre artist Randy Reinholz to further discuss the Native voices in theatre: the playwrights, the stories, and the productions that celebrate them. Watch… Read more »

Aspects of Love: AS YOU LIKE IT

ASPECTS OF LOVE: Shakespeare’s As You Like It A new two-part series hosted by Alan Stanford October 8 | Watch Here October 15 | Watch Here Of all of Shakespeare’s plays, As You Like It mentions the word ‘love’ possibly more than any other. Love occurs and is described in many of Shakespeare’s plays. It… Read more »

Expand the Canon Selection 1 Announced!

Join PICT for the launch of the 2021-2022 EXPAND THE CANON Series with… AN IMPROBABLE FICTION By James DeVita Directed by Robin Walsh Sunday, November 21, 2021 In the Atrium at Rodef Shalom 2pm & 7pm London. Early 1600’s during the plague. The theaters have all been closed. Six of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters –… Read more »

What a Farce this is! Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors

What a Farce this is! Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors October 1, 2021 2pm ET | Live on Youtube! Watch Here In our continuing observations on the nature of comedy, we will take a look at Shakespeare’s farcical play A Comedy Of Errors. Farce is the most extreme form of comedy and traces its root… Read more »

If You Have Tears: What Makes Us Cry In Theatre?

IF YOU HAVE TEARS What Makes Us Cry in Theatre? A new webinar hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, September 24, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube! WATCH HERE “If You Have Tears…” That quote from Mark Antony in his oration over the body of Caesar is an incitement to cry. And whether they be… Read more »

The Mysterious Seven: Overcoming the Monster

THE MYSTERIOUS SEVEN PART IV: Overcoming the Monster Friday, September 10, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube WATCH HERE From the earliest legends of George and his Famous Dragon, we have always been fascinated by the idea of monsters. Most of us at some time in our childhood were convinced that one of then… Read more »

The Craft of Mentorship

The Craft of Mentorship: Education in the Theatre With Alan Stanford & Catherine Kolos Friday, September 3, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube Education is a passion here at PICT, reflected in the current expansion of our education programs and long-held practices of training the next generations of theatre artists and designers. Join PICT… Read more »

Our Vital Stories: A Conversation on Native Playwrights

OUR VITAL STORIES A Conversation on Native Playwrights with Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott Friday, August 27 | 2pm ET Live on YouTube! WATCH HERE Co-Founders of Native Voices at the Autry, Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott, join PICT Associate Producer Sharon McCune and Artistic Director Alan Stanford for a stimulating conversation on… Read more »

COVID-19 Safety Policies

As we navigate a world with COVID-19, PICT Classic Theatre’s first priority is safety. We will be requiring proof of vaccination for all guests over the age of 12 to participate in all performances & events during the 2021-2022 season. All PICT personnel have been following this protocol internally since June 2021, and the policy… Read more »

Juno & The Paycock: A Conversation with Joe Dowling

JUNO & THE PAYCOCK A Discussion with Director Joe Dowling Friday, August 20, 2021 2pm ET | Live on YouTube! WATCH HERE Celebrated Broadway Director Joe Dowling joins the webinar this week to speak on his complex and beautiful history with Seán O’Casey’s JUNO & THE PAYCOCK, and his storied career as Artistic Director of… Read more »

Vote PICT in City Paper’s Best of Pittsburgh 2021

VOTE PICT CLASSIC THEATRE IN CITY PAPER’S BEST OF PITTSBURGH 2021 Now through August 31. CAST YOUR VOTE Your nominations placed us in the top ten, and now we are thrilled to be nominated in THREE different categories this year for City Paper’s Annual Best of Pittsburgh Readers poll! Cast your vote for PICT under… Read more »

The Mysterious Seven: Rags to Riches

Back this Friday! THE MYSTERIOUS SEVEN, Part III: Rags to Riches Hosted by Alan Stanford August 6, 2021 | 2pm ET Live on YouTube! WATCH HERE Our illuminating webinar series continues as we examine the third of the seven basic plots: Rags to Riches. How does this plot structure mold the protagonists’ journey, motivations, and… Read more »

The Mysterious Seven Pt II: The Quest

Part Two of our Series! THE MYSTERIOUS SEVEN: The Quest, or I Can Fix That Friday, July 30, 2021 2pm ET Live on YouTube! Watch Here Having examined the principle of the random journey that many characters take on the ‘There and Back Again’ principle, this week we will examine the ‘Journey with a Purpose’… Read more »

PICT Welcomes Sharon McCune as New Associate Producer

Ms. McCune will curate the new Expand the Canon Staged Reading Series in addition to her integral role on PICT’s Artistic team during the company’s 25th Anniversary Season. PICT Classic Theatre has named Sharon McCune Associate Producer of their 25th Anniversary Season. In her new role, McCune will help shape the trajectory of PICT as… Read more »

The Merchant of Venice: And Where Does Justice Lie?

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE:  And Where Does Justice Lie? A Four-Part Series Hosted by Alan Stanford July 2-23, 2021 2pm ET | Live on Youtube July 2 | Part I | Watch Here July 9 | Part II | Watch Here July 16 | Part III | Watch Here July 23 | Part IV |… Read more »

The Mysterious Seven

The Mysterious Seven: How We Tell Stories Friday, June 25 at 2pm ET LIVE on Youtube Hosted by Alan Stanford WATCH HERE Anyone connected with the Literary or Dramatic Arts will have heard of the seven basic plots: Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, The Quest, Voyage & Return, Comedy, Tragedy, and Rebirth. But few… Read more »

Ulysses: Understanding Joyce’s Masterpiece

ULYSSES: Understanding Joyce’s Masterpiece Hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, June 11 | 2pm ET Live on YouTube Watch Here What better way to celebrate the coming of Summer than to be in the company of Ireland’s supreme author? Set in Dublin on a single day, June 16th in 1904, ULYSSES tells of a journey through… Read more »

Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman

MAYA ANGELOU: Phenomenal Woman Hosted by Monteze Freeland June 4, 2021 LIVE on YouTube | 2pm ET WATCH HERE Co-Host Monteze Freeland joins the webinar this week to speak about a woman that contained multitudes: the incredible poet, writer, and activist Maya Angelou. Mr. Freeland will delve into the intricacies of the events that shaped… Read more »

Pygmalion: May 21

PYGMALION = OR = WHAT WE THINK WE WANT A PICT Educates Webinar Hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, May 21, 2021 2pm ET Live on YouTube WATCH HERE Pygmalion is arguably George Bernard Shaw’s most popular and enduring play, thanks in part to the Broadway musical and movie My Fair Lady. But beyond that it… Read more »

The Harlem Renaissance with Tomé Cousin

THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE A Two-Part Series Hosted by Tomé Cousin Live on YouTube at 2pm ET May 14, 2021 | Part I | Watch Here May 28, 2021 | Part II | Watch Here Early 20th Century Harlem was an historic time of Black culture, art, literature, and social change in America. Learn about the… Read more »

HENRIK IBSEN: The Man From the Far North

HENRIK IBSEN: The Man From the Far North A Conversation with Martin Giles & Alan Stanford Friday, April 30, 2021 LIVE on YouTube at 2pm ET! WATCH HERE One of the most significant playwrights of the late 19th century was a gentleman from the most northern part of Europe. Henrik Ibsen had an enormous effect… Read more »

Ghost in the Play – April 23

GHOST IN THE PLAY A PICT Educates webinar hosted by Alan Stanford Friday, April 23, 2021 2pm ET – Live on YouTube! WATCH HERE One of the more interesting ways that a writer can advance the effect a character has over the plot of a play is to let them die. But not just die… Read more »

Hamlet in His Own Words: March 26-April 16

HAMLET IN HIS OWN WORDS A Four Part Series with Alan Stanford March 26-April 16, 2021 | 2pm ET* *Please note – the US went through Daylight Savings Time on March 14, which may effect the live broadcast time for our International viewers. MARCH 26 | Part 1: All Those Soliloquies | Watch Here APRIL… Read more »


PLAYING THE ALLEY Designing the Unconventional Space with Johnmichael Bohach March 19, 2021 | 2pm ET WATCH HERE In 2016-2017, PICT spent a full season at the Union Project in Pittsburgh: a converted church with no formal playing area. Due to the shape of the old sanctuary, we presented the full season in the rarely… Read more »

The Evolution of The Stage: March 12

THE EVOLUTION OF THE STAGE The History of Theatrical Spaces with Alan Stanford MARCH 12, 2021 | 2pm ET WATCH HERE Over the two and a half thousand years since theatre was formally structured, the shape and function of the acting area, or ‘stage’ has altered in many ways. Such alteration was caused by everything… Read more »


SAMUEL BECKETT: Fun & Games Hosted By Hazel Carr Leroy and Alan Stanford February 19 & 26, 2021 Live on YouTube at 2pm ET     February 19, 2021 | Part I: Waiting for Godot |  WATCH HERE February 26, 2021 | Part II: Endgame  |  WATCH HERE Over the nest two weeks, we are… Read more »

John B. Keane: Son of County Kerry | January 29

JOHN B. KEANE: SON OF COUNTY KERRY January 29, 2021 | 2pm Hosted by Aoife Spillane-Hinks and Alan Stanford Live on YouTube – Tune in Here John B Keane was one of Ireland’s most popular playwrights, and his plays are still a part of the regular repertoire. He was also a poet and an essayist… Read more »

The Joy of Farce | January 22

THE JOY OF FARCE Friday, January 22 | 2pm Live on Youtube – Tune in here From the Greek plays of Aristophanes through the Roman Comedies of Plautus and Terrence, the works of Shakespeare, the genius of Moliere, and the explosion of the classic French Farce, theatre has always profited from our desire to laugh… Read more »

Cocoa With the Cast – Live on Zoom!

Join us for a Virtual Opening Night Party with the cast of PICT’s new radio drama, A Christmas Carol! COCOA WITH THE CAST WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 | 7:30PM LIVE ON ZOOM TICKETS: $25 – Event and ticket to A Christmas Carol $5 – Event only PURCHASE TICKETS HERE Join members of the cast and creative team… Read more »

The Worlds of Charles Dickens

OUR FINAL WEBINAR OF 2020 THE WORLDS OF CHARLES DICKENS Hosted By Alan Stanford December 11, 2020 | 2pm REGISTER HERE Tolstoy thought Charles Dickens to be “the greatest of all storytellers.” His classic novels, including David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol have not only delighted readers for more than 150… Read more »

Gothic Horror: October 23 & 30

  GOTHIC HORROR October 23 & 30, 2020 | 2pm REGISTER HERE “From ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties, Lord deliver us…” Tales of horror that we thrill to read and which excite our darkest fears: our next webinar series will feature Dracula, Dorian Gray, and more!. Join us for two 60-minute lectures exploring the… Read more »

PICT Announces 24th Season!

PICT Classic Theatre has announced its 2020-2021 Season.   Adapting to the limitations of COVID-19, PICT will present a collection of three plays beginning in March 2021 crossing three different artistic experiences, preceded by a stand-alone holiday event in December 2020. “Though the theater doors have been closed and the ghostlights have been on, that does… Read more »

FINDING FRIEL with Matt Torney – October 16th

FINDING FRIEL Hosted By Matt Torney and Alan Stanford Friday, October 16, 2020 | 2:00-3:00pm FREE – REGISTER HERE We are back to Ireland this week with a look into the life and work of Brian Friel. Friel was an Irish dramatist, short story writer and founder of the Field Day Theatre Company and is considered one… Read more »


PICT ANNOUNCES AUDITIONS FOR 2020 RADIO DRAMA SERIES PICT is now seeking AEA and NON-UNION Actors who excel in dialects for our 2020 Radio Drama Series: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales, and A Christmas Carol. We are particularly seeking actors who can use vocal variety to portray… Read more »

PICT goes back to Dublin for Such Friends! and Synge

PICT’s next webinars delve into the history of the Abbey theatre and John Millington Synge Join us for three exciting weeks of Irish history August 28-September 11! PICT welcomes Dr. Kathleen Dixon Donnelly and Aoife Spillane-Hinks to explore these topics in two different webinar experiences. SUCH FRIENDS! The Founding of the Abbey Theatre August 28,… Read more »

WILSON IN AUGUST with Wali Jamal

One of Pittsburgh’s most beloved playwrights, hosted by one of Pittsburgh’s best actors. Wali Jamal joins us for two weeks August 14-21 for this fascinating webinar series celebrating the life and work of August Wilson. Presented Fridays at 2pm as part of the PICT Educates’ online programming. REGISTER HERE August 14 | AUGUST WILSON: PROLIFIC… Read more »

PICTSBURGH: Live this Friday, August 7!

Celebrate 24 Years of Classic Theatre in our Next Webinar! August 7, 2020 | 2pm REGISTER HERE Passionate. Engaging. Pittsburgh. Theatre. For over 24 years, PICT has made its home in the Steel City, celebrating the local artists and businesses that make the fabric of our hometown so vibrant. PICT defines a classic as a… Read more »


PICT Educates’ Summer Webinar Series continues with SHAKESPEARE IN PERFORMANCE: A Series in Five Acts Presented July 3-31, 2020 | 2pm  REGISTER HERE PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF PICT’S APPROACH TO SHAKESPEAREAN PERFORMANCE In this in-depth, five-part series, we’ll examine the craft of bringing the Bard’s text to life on stage. Hosted by Artistic &… Read more »

SUCH FRIENDS! Dorothy Parker & The Algonquin Round Table

  PICT welcomes Kathleen Dixon Donnelly as co-host of our next lecture, SUCH FRIENDS: Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table JUNE 26 | 2PM REGISTER HERE Between 1919-1929, The Algonquin Hotel was host to a gathering of some of the most famous writers, critics, and actors in the country. Nicknamed “The Board,” “The Vicious… Read more »


PICT Goes LIVE for BLOOMSDAY 2020 The pubs may be closed, but Bloomsday is alive and well at PICT Classic Theatre! Join us for a virtual Bloomsday celebration, LIVE on Facebook on Tuesday, June 16th. Tune in at the top of each hour from 12pm-7pm for selected readings of James Joyce’s ULYSSES. Grab a pint… Read more »

BLOOMSDAY: A Celebration of James Joyce & Dublin

BLOOMSDAY GOES DIGITAL FOR 2020 Join PICT Classic Theatre for TWO celebrations of Bloomsday – June 12 and June 16! JUNE 12, 2020 | 2pm BLOOMSDAY: JAMES JOYCE & DUBLIN An Interactive online lecture Every year on June 16, artists around the world gather to celebrate James Joyce’s Ulysses. Pub crawls, live readings, performances, tours… Read more »

SALOME: The Language of Desire

NEXT IN OUR LECTURE SERIES: SALOME: THE LANGUAGE OF DESIRE MAY 29 & JUNE 5, 2020 2PM-3PM REGISTER HERE Host Alan Stanford played the role of Herod in this Oscar Wilde masterpiece for over 20 years. In this two-part lecture series, join us as we discuss the intricacies of the story and Alan’s personal experience… Read more »

Take a Walk on the WILDE Side!

New Three-Part Online Lecture Series on Oscar Wilde May 8, 15, & 22, 2020 2:00-3:30pm REGISTER FOR FREE PICT continues its interactive lecture series on Fridays at 2pm with three new installments on the life and work of Oscar Wilde. Join us for A Walk on the Wilde Side: Oscar’s Love, Lust, Charms, and Trials… Read more »

GIVE BIG this Tuesday, May 5!

Rather than waiting until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (GivingTuesday) to launch the fourth annual Give Big Pittsburgh campaign, Pittsburgh Magazine is jumping in now with the COVID-19 Response Campaign, an effort to assist in raising critical dollars — in the safest way possible — for nonprofits in Western Pennsylvania during this time of exceptional need…. Read more »

PICT Launches Interactive Online Lecture Series

The ghost light may be on, but PICT is still illuminating classic theatre! We are thrilled to bring you a brand new online lecture series, streamed directly into your homes via live, interactive webinars.  Every Friday at 2pm beginning April 3, join us for The Irishing of English Theatre: an engaging and lively lecture series… Read more »

COVID-19 Prevention and PICT

A Message to our PICT Family – “All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring this world. That’s one of the things that connects us as neighbors…” – Fred Rogers We are in unprecedented times. It goes without… Read more »




Come Eat, Drink and Be Merry as we celebrate the bawdy, the witty, and the WILD WILL SHAKESPEARE! JUST ANNOUNCED! Join us for a fundraiser featuring delightful eats, delicious drinks, a silent auction, and many more surprises. The evening will culminate in a performance of the Bard’s more humorous works from your favorite PICT actors…. Read more »

Meet the Cast of PICT’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK

The most chilling ghost story that you will ever hear…and the most terrifying ghost you may ever see. November 7-23, 2019   |  Tickets on Sale Now! PICT Classic Theatre’s 23rd Season kicks off with Stephen Mallatratt’s thrilling adaptation of The Woman in Black. From the original novel by Susan Hill, our story begins when a young… Read more »

CASTING NOTICE: PICT Classic Theatre’s 2019-2020 Season

Dates: Monday, September 23, 2019 – 10am to 6pm Tuesday, September 24, 2019 –  10am to 6pm Callbacks as needed   Location: Rodef Shalom 4905 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213   Requirements: Please prepare two one-minute monologues – one Shakespeare, and one of your choice.  Please bring a current headshot and resume to the audition. … Read more »

Stage Review: PICT’s ‘The Heiress’ is ‘well made’ in all regards

By Ted Hoover Pittsburgh Current Theater Critic For some it was finding out the Easter Bunny wasn’t real; for others it occurred when Brad and Jen split up. Even more people were shocked when they discovered that, despite their belief, it really wasn’t butter … but my big moment of disillusionment came when I… Read more »


PICT Classic Theatre and Host Alan Stanford invite you to Advice for the Heiress From Pittsburgh’s Best What life and love choices should the Heiress make? Welcome spring and get ready for the closing production of PICT’s 22nd season! Celebrated guests from Pittsburgh media join PICT artists and fans for an elegant soirée. Enjoy the views… Read more »

PICT Happy Hour at Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle

PICT Happy Hour at Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle Irish Pub FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 5pm – 7pm Join the cast and crew of PICT’s upcoming production of Charles Dickens’ THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP for happy hour and enjoy complimentary wings and small bites, drink special: bucket of 5 domestic beers for $10, and live acoustic entertainment… Read more »

PLAY WITH PICT! September 21st

PICT Classic Theatre and Host Alan Stanford invite you to PLAY WITH PICT Friday, September 21st, 6:30pm An evening at Pittsburgh Glass Center featuring: Say farewell to summer and welcome PICT’s 22nd season at this fun and informal soirée. FEATURING: Delectable edibles and bountiful beverages. Dramatic desserts by PICT’s own Karen Baum (Jane Eyre, Shirley Valentine,… Read more »

PICT announces 2018-2019 Season: Classics in our times

PICT Classic Theatre has announced its 2018-2019 Season, “Classics in our times.”   Having celebrated its 100th production last season with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, PICT will present a collection of three plays beginning in the Fall of 2018 at WQED’s Fred Rogers Studio in Oakland. “Each year we offer some of the finest… Read more »

Perfection in the making: PICT’s 100th Production

                      FROM THE DESK OF THE ARTISTIC AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: It’s Happening Already. “ROMEO AND JULIET” is selling fast. From PICT at WQED in Oakland. I am always proud of the productions we present to you at PICT Classic Theatre. And I am always proud… Read more »

Welcome to PICT Classic Theatre’s 2017-2018 Season: Expect the Best

PICT Classic Theatre announces its 2017-2018 Season, with a focus on classic authors William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Charlotte Brontë, in new performance venues in Crafton, Oakland, and Point Breeze. The season will begin in August with a preliminary special event, MURDER AT THE CRAFT HOUSE: WHO KILLED ALAN STANFORD?, a reception and interactive murder… Read more »

Casting Notice: PICT Classic Theatre 2017-2018

Dates: Friday, July 28th 10am to 6pm Saturday, July 29th 12pm to 4pm Tuesday, August 1st 10am to 6pm   Location: PICT Classic Theatre’s Office and Studio: 2403 Sidney St. Suite 285, Pittsburgh PA 15203   Requirements: Please prepare two one-minute monologues – one of heightened text (Shakespeare, Greek, Classical, etc.) and one contemporary. Please bring… Read more »

PICT presents a turbulent tale for the holidays with THE LION IN WINTER

On December 1st, PICT Classic Theatre will continue its 2016-2017 season at Union Project with THE LION IN WINTER. The play, written in 1966 by James Goldman, depicts Henry II’s transition of power during Christmas in the year 1183 amid family dysfunction and political maneuvering. Though Goldman’s play is fictional, it is based upon actual… Read more »

PICT Classic Theatre names Steven Alschuler President of the Board.

Pittsburgh, PA, January 14, 2016– Steven Alschuler, President of Pittsburgh-based public relations firm Alschuler Communications, has been named President of the Board of Directors of PICT Classic Theatre. PICT, founded in 1996 as Pittsburgh Irish and Classic Theatre, produces high-quality classic theater and considers educational programs and outreach to underserved communities to be among its… Read more »

“Oliver Twist” is a story of redemption for PICT Classic Theatre.

PICT is back with a classic about the spirit of charity in time for the holidays. Pittsburgh, PA, November 4, 2015- After a total staff lay-off, the cancellation of a production and a series of very real discussions about whether PICT should close its doors forever, PICT Classic Theatre is pleased to announce its return… Read more »

Educating Rita is a heart-warming story about personal fulfillment.

PICT celebrates its relationship with the University of Pittsburgh in this important piece about higher education.   Pittsburgh, PA, August 13, 2015– Oakland will be bustling this September when the students return to their dormitories to begin a new year of study. During this time, from September 3 through 19, PICT Classic Theatre will present… Read more »

Sharon’s Grave is a great Irish yarn about love, legends and the land.

PICT’s Harvard-educated director, Aoife Spillane-Hinks, transports audiences to Ireland’s coast. Pittsburgh, PA, June 25, 2015- July is peak vacation season, and for two hours, audiences can travel with PICT Classic Theatre to the wild southwest coast of Ireland. Sharon’s Grave, by Irish audience-favorite John B. Keane, runs July 16 – August 1 in the Henry… Read more »

PICT offers affordable theatre classes starting Monday, May 4.

Register for classes now or scroll down for more information.   Pittsburgh, PA, April 20, 2015 – PICT Classic Theatre, now in its nineteenth season, is pleased to unveil a series of Adult Theatre Classes— its newest program under the PICT Educates banner. Aimed at connecting the PICT professional theatrical community with the Pittsburgh community… Read more »

PICT’s Artistic Director adapts and directs a global smash hit.

Alan Stanford’s Pride and Prejudice sells out at the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Pittsburgh, PA, March 20, 2015- PICT Classic Theatre’s Artistic & Executive Director Alan Stanford just used up his three weeks of 2015 vacation days, but few people would classify taking the Gate Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice to the 43rd Hong… Read more »

Job Posting: CFO of the Arts Finance Cohort

POSITION TITLE: Chief Financial Officer REPORTING TO: Executive Directors of Arts Finance Cohort LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA THE COMPANY: Arts Finance Cohort (AFC) – a group of five Pittsburgh-based arts organizations COMPANY PROFILE: The AFC is a group of five Pittsburgh-based arts organizations that have come together to hire a shared CFO. The AFC’s goal is… Read more »

PICT Plays…with Witches and Wizards is PICT Classic Theatre’s ‘Sweet Oblivious Antidote’ to the typical Pittsburgh gala

Featuring emcee Brian Edward from ‘Burgh Vivant and an awards ceremony honoring Rich Fitzgerald, Gene O’Sullivan, and Joan Markert.  Pittsburgh, PA – September 30, 2014. For one night, on the eve of Halloween, PICT Classic Theatre will transform J. Verno Studios on the South Side into a den of dastardly delights! Dinner, dancing, and “spirits” of… Read more »

PICT Announces an Expanded Season in 2015

Aptly Themed “Saints and Sinners” Series Brings New Stage and Seven Classics. Pittsburgh, PA, September 20, 2014- PICT Classic Theatre approaches its nineteenth year and is experiencing growing pains! With more theatre than one venue can hold, PICT expands to seven “classics” in 2015- with two Downtown Series performances kicking off the season in the… Read more »

Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme is Unforgettable Story of an Irish “Band of Brothers” Entering One of WWI’s Bloodiest Battles.

PICT Theatre’s September 4-20 presentation of Sons of Ulster coincides with 2014 WWI Centennial. Pittsburgh, PA – August 13, 2014- PICT Classic Theatre’s Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, by Frank McGuinness, opens just about 100 years after the historical WWI events that are authentically portrayed in the performance. Running September 4-20… Read more »

Leading Irish Dramatist Marina Carr in Pittsburgh for Premiere

Leading Irish Dramatist Marina Carr Visits Pittsburgh to Celebrate Premiere Special dinner and events planned to celebrate her visit   Pittsburgh, PA – July 3, 2014. The Pittsburgh premiere of Marina Carr’s Woman and Scarecrow is even more noteworthy since the acclaimed playwright is coming to Pittsburgh for the production. Artistic and Executive Director Alan… Read more »

Pittsburgh Premiere of Woman and Scarecrow by leading Irish Dramatist

Playwright Marina Carr visits Pittsburgh July 7-14 Special dinner and events planned to celebrate her visit   Pittsburgh, PA – June 26, 2014. Marina Carr’s play Woman and Scarecrow is a perfect embodiment of the bittersweet humor and comical tragedy that pervades the plays of the Irish, much like PICT’s production Waiting for Godot that… Read more »

Waiting for Godot Marks Many Noteworthy Returns

PICT’s Waiting for Godot offers many welcome returns to stage Martin Giles’s first role following extended illness. Alan Stanford reprises role of Pozzo. Director Aoife Spillane-Hinks returns to direct. Pittsburgh, PA – May 22, 2014. When Artistic & Executive Director Alan Stanford was planning the 2014 PICT season, Managing Director Stephanie Riso suggested the addition… Read more »

New Name, New Faces at PICT Classic Theatre

PICT announces a new brand – PICT Classic Theatre – and new faces to build a stronger organization and secure its future Focusing PICT’s mission and place in Pittsburgh’s theatre community Pittsburgh, PA – May 7, 2014. Aiming to broaden awareness and appeal of its market brand, the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre will move forward under… Read more »

PICT UnCommon Pleas Finds Stars Among the Legal & Tech Communities

 Dennis Unkovic and Audrey Russo shine as the Macbeths. Who knew judges could be so funny? Pittsburgh, PA – April 3, 2014. On Thursday, March 27, PICT Theatre and the Arts and Law Committee of the Allegheny County Bar hosted more than 150 guests at the Duquesne Club for the inaugural PICT UnCommon Pleas, a… Read more »

PICT Theatre opens 2014 season with Blithe Spirit

    PICT Artistic & Executive Director Alan Stanford to direct ghostly comedy First professional production of Blithe Spirit in Pittsburgh since 1971  Pittsburgh, PA – March 11, 2014. PICT Theatre’s Artistic and Executive Director Alan Stanford has selected a bold assortment of classic plays for PICT’s 18th season, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Each play contains its own version of wickedness, with… Read more »

PICT UnCommon Pleas: Let’s Thrill All the Lawyers!

Guilty or Not Guilty? Macbeth Appeals His Conviction PICT Theatre’s UnCommon Pleas: An Evening of Legal Theatrical Entertainment Dennis Unkovic as Macbeth; Audrey Russo as Lady Macbeth Watch interview Pittsburgh, PA – February 25, 2014. Shakespeare’s most wicked couple, the Macbeths, will appeal their murder convictions in front of six noteworthy judges. Attorney Dennis Unkovic… Read more »

PICT Plays…A Costume Gala with Special Guest Jack Gleeson

PICT Plays…with Mystery and Mayhem, a Costume Gala by PICT Theatre *Awards ceremony honoring Sara Steelman and Ray Werner* **Special Guest Host Jack Gleeson of Game of Thrones is King of the AE Dance Party** Pittsburgh, PA – October 16, 2013. PICT Theatre, presenting sponsors PNC Bank and Jones Day, and Dance Party sponsor American… Read more »

PICT Announces a ‘Wonderfully Wicked’ 2014 Season

PICT Theatre (Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre) packs its eighteenth year of classic favorites and pure Irish genius, a return to its original mission under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Alan Stanford. The selection of plays all fit the theme, “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” a line taken from the fifth show of the… Read more »

PICT Theatre Presents the Pittsburgh Premiere of A Skull in Connemara

PICT Theatre Presents the Pittsburgh Premiere of A Skull in Connemara *One of a trilogy of stories by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh* **Directed by Martin Giles** Pittsburgh, PA – September 5, 2013. PICT Theatre’s fifth production of the season is the Pittsburgh premiere of Martin McDonagh’s hilarious whodunit A Skull in Connemara, one of a… Read more »

PICT Board Selects Alan Stanford as Producing Artistic Director

Pittsburgh, PA – August 30, 2013. Following an extensive search process, PICT Theatre’s board of directors has appointed Alan Stanford as the company’s producing artistic director. Stanford has been serving as the interim producing artistic director since February. Board president Eugene O’Sullivan said, “We were fortunate to find someone of Alan’s caliber to lead this… Read more »

U.S. Premiere of Don Juan Comes Back from the War

PICT Presents U.S. Premiere of Don Juan Comes Back from the War **Alan Stanford directs Duncan Macmillan’s new version of the Odon von Horvath play** ***Featuring David Whalen and Nike Doukas ***  Pittsburgh, PA –July 31, 2013. British playwright Duncan Macmillan was asked numerous times to adapt Don Juan Comes Back from the War by… Read more »

More Modern Milieu for Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan

More Modern Milieu for Lady Windermere’s Fan **Alan Stanford adapts and directs Oscar Wilde’s comic gem ** ***Featuring Leo Marks, Nike Doukas, Jodi Gage and John DeMita in 17-member cast *** Pittsburgh, PA – UPDATE July 3, 2013. Renowned Oscar Wilde expert Alan Stanford, PICT’s interim Producing Artistic Director, will direct his adaptation of the… Read more »

Martin Giles Stars in PICT’s Thriller The Kreutzer Sonata

 Contact: Michelle Belan Sales & Marketing Director 412-561-6000 x. 203 For Immediate Release  Martin Giles Stars in PICT’s Thriller The Kreutzer Sonata **Irish playwright Nancy Harris transforms Leo Tolstoy’s novella for the stage ** ***Featuring the music of violinist Juan Jaramillo and pianist Alaine Fink*** Pittsburgh, PA – May 14, 2013. Noted Pittsburgh… Read more »

Good Neighbors/Bad Neighbors FREE Panel Discussion

  **PICT Theatre hosts noted Princeton Historian Jan Gross**   ***Former U.S. Ambassador & Post-Gazette columnist Dan Simpson to moderate Good Neighbors/Bad Neighbors Panel Discussion***   Pittsburgh, PA – April 25, 2013. In conjunction with its production of Tadeusz Slobodzianek’s Our Class, PICT Theatre has coordinated a panel discussion that includes noted historian Jan T…. Read more »

PICT Theatre Announces Full Company for Our Class

**Irish-American Aoife Spillane-Hinks will direct** ***Post-Gazette’s Breakout Performer of 2012 Vera Varlamov returns to PICT*** Pittsburgh, PA – March 12, 2013.  PICT Theatre (aka Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre) announces the full cast for Our Class, the powerful Nike award-winning play by Tadeusz Slobodzianek and translated by Ryan Craig. Irish-American Aoife Spillane-Hinks will direct. Our Class opens with a… Read more »

PICT Announces Alan Stanford as Interim Artistic Director

Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre (PICT) is pleased to welcome Alan Stanford as its new Interim Artistic Director.  Mr. Stanford is a founder and the past Artistic Director of Second Age Theatre Company in Dublin. He has extensive theatrical experience at the renowned Gate Theatre in Dublin, where he has directed several dozen plays, including Lady… Read more »

PICT 2013 Season

Contact: Michelle Belan Marketing Director 412.561.6000 x203 RELEASE ON OR AFTER AUGUST 15, 2012  “SCANDAL” TAKES CENTER STAGE IN PICT’s 2013 SEASON Tolstoy and Beethoven, a sexy new look at Don Juan, a unique collaboration with The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and the return of Oscar Wilde, Martin McDonagh, and the Victorian crime-fighting duo… Read more »


  AMERICAN PREMIERE OF TOM STOPPARD’S HILARIOUS NEW ADAPTATION OF IVANOV CONTINUES PICT’S CHEKHOV CELEBRATION – OPENING AUGUST 4th Media Contact: Michelle Belan Marketing Director Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre 412-561-6000 x203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE _______________________________________________________________________ Pittsburgh, PA – July 23, 2012. PICT’s celebration of Anton Chekhov continues with the American premiere of Tom… Read more »

Three Sisters

Media Contact: Michelle Belan Marketing Director Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre 412-561-6000 x203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pittsburgh, PA – July 2, 2012. PICT opens its Festival celebrating the works of Anton Chekhov with Paul Schmidt’s translation of Three Sisters.  This production features Nike Doukas as Ólga, Allison McLemore as Másha, as Vera Varlamov… Read more »

Pitmen Painters

Art for the 99% Miners redefine their lives by becoming artists in the Pittsburgh Premiere of Lee Hall’s The Pitmen Painters Media Contact: Michelle Belan Marketing Director Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre 412-561-6000 x203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pittsburgh, PA – May 10, 2012. PICT continues its season with the Pittsburgh premiere of The… Read more »

In the Next Room

  Pulitzer finalist launches PICT 2012 season Sarah Ruhl’s In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play makes Pittsburgh debut in an electrifying production directed by Alan Stanford   Media Contact: Michelle Belan Director of Marketing and Sales Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre 412-561-6000 x203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE _____________________________________________________________________________________ Pittsburgh, PA – April 4,… Read more »

2012 Casting

Single tickets on sale now for stellar PICT 2012 season “Get Turned On” with local, national and internationally-acclaimed artists who bring the world to our stages in a titillating Pulitzer finalist by a leading American female playwright, a true story, an exploration of the comedic facets of a Russian master (and the great Irishman who… Read more »

New Classics March

       Media Contacts: Michelle Belan – 412.561.6000 x203 or Josh Storey – 412.624.0933 or FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Classics presents free reading of Lively Stones New play by Sarah Katherine Bowden examines role of women in Colonial Massachusetts Pittsburgh, PA  — March 12, 2012. The New Classics Series wraps up its season… Read more »

2012 Season

  Contact: Michelle Belan Director of Marketing and Sales 412.561.6000 x203   Get turned on by PICT’s electrifying 2012 season!   American playwrights, Friel and Chekhov bring five Pittsburgh premieres – and new lower ticket prices! – to town this season . Pittsburgh, PA – October 12, 2011. Flip the switch and watch… Read more »

2013 Casting Announcement

Get turned on by PICT’s electrifying 2012 season! American playwrights, Friel and Chekhov bring five Pittsburgh premieres – and new lower ticket prices! – to town this season Pittsburgh, PA – October 12, 2011. Flip the switch and watch the sparks fly as PICT raises the voltage with their hot 2012 season! Pittsburgh audiences will… Read more »