Shakespeare at War

Shakespeare at War

A New PICT Educates Webinar

Friday, March 11, 2022 | 2pm ET
Live on YouTube

Featuring James FitzGerald*, Karen Baum*, Saige Smith*, & Michael Patrick Trimm*
Hosted by Alan Stanford


In these difficult times when our newspapers are alive with news of war, we often turn to art for comfort, reflection, and understanding. It is important to note that often, the one thing we learn from history is that it tends to repeat itself.

This week, we will take a brief look at Shakespeare’s words on the topic of war: speeches all at once rousing, introspective, inspiring, and timely. Joining us will be PICT Actors Michael Patrick Trimm, James FitzGerald, Karen Baum, and Saige Smith.

Tune in LIVE at 2pm ET or enjoy the replay anytime after the initial broadcast on our Youtube Channel.
Appropriate for classic theatre enthusiasts of all ages.