The Mysterious Seven Pt II: The Quest

Mysterious Seven Pt 2 Webinar TilePart Two of our Series!

THE MYSTERIOUS SEVEN: The Quest, or I Can Fix That

Friday, July 30, 2021
2pm ET Live on YouTube!

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Having examined the principle of the random journey that many characters take on the ‘There and Back Again’ principle, this week we will examine the ‘Journey with a Purpose’ otherwise know as The Quest.

In this plot, the man or woman will take on a task to be resolved – usually an almost impossible task – which will prove themselves to be heroes or heroines in the eyes of the world. Whether they be an old Spanish Knight, tilting at windmills, a mythic warrior fighting a gruesome monster and its mother, or a young Hobbit carrying a ring of enormous power, they will always remain in our hearts and imaginations as characters of legend..the heroes we would like to be. Join PICT and host Alan Stanford for another iiluminating hour of discussion examine just how we tell stories. Can’t tune in live? The replay of this webinar is available immediately after the live broadcast on our YouTube channel.