Ulysses: Understanding Joyce’s Masterpiece

ULYSSES: Understanding Joyce’s Masterpiece

Hosted by Alan Stanford

Friday, June 11 | 2pm ET
Live on YouTube

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What better way to celebrate the coming of Summer than to be in the company of Ireland’s supreme author?

Set in Dublin on a single day, June 16th in 1904, ULYSSES tells of a journey through the city by its hero, Leopold Bloom, and the encounters he experiences with his few friends and his many dubious acquaintances. But the journey he takes, which will return him to his wife Molly is a direct parallel to the voyage home to Ithica and Penelope by the hero of Homer’s ODYSSEY, Ulysses.

Joyce parallels Bloom’s day with each chapter of Homer’s epic and in so doing, paints a remarkable picture of his native city: Dublin. Joyce one claimed that if Dublin were to destroyed, it could be rebuilt from the pages of his book.

In this webinar, we’ll break down the book by chapters and outline the parallels to THE ODYSSEY.

Tune in live at 2pm ET this Friday, or enjoy the replay at anytime on our YouTube channel, available directly after the live broadcast.